Sunday, 21 July 2013

What Compliments your Color?

   Have you ever had trouble choosing what colors would look best with your skin tone, hair color, or eye color? If you have read on because this will tell you all the best color matches.


   Light Blonde Hair: Aqua, bright green, sky blue, white, yellow. 

   Dirty Blonde: Almost any color but pink isn't the best.

   Brown: Pink is amazing with brown hair! Other than that almost any color except maybe yellow.

   Dark Brown (black): Try to avoid brighter colors, white is good, other than that go with darker colors             
                                      such as black, red, orange (even though orange isn't very dark), blue, and 

   Red (orange): Red (duh), and any kinda of green is nice but whatever you do, NO PINK!

   Gray: Anything really but go for darker colors. 


   Brown/Hazel/Black: Any color!

   Green: Red and blue goes great with green but avoid orange, purple, and maybe pink.

   Blue: Pretty much any color but you might want to avoid orange, yellow and red.

   Gray: Anything really but go for darker colors.


   Light skin (albino): Anything but black unless your going goth and no gray.

   Light: Anything.

   Tan: Any color but choose the brighter version of colors instead of the light version.

   Dark: Bright colors, no light colors.